Personal Finance: Class 1 – Goalsetting

3 responses to “Personal Finance: Class 1 – Goalsetting”

  1. Triveni satyanarayana

    Tremendously Valuable Video! Goal setting and Achieving is the only way to
    move forward in life. I use an iPhone app “dayGoals” which helps me to work
    on weekday basis like sun , mon , tues.really awesome and simple!

  2. Javier Sánchez Serrano

    Debemos empezar por adquirir los conocimientos para tener un mejor manejo
    de nuestros recursos, lo que a la postre nos llevará a la Libertad

  3. UnitedPebbles

    Son of a b, I thought this is how to manage personal liabilities. The art
    of borrowing money on a personal basis.


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